Commercial Property Surveying

Commercial property surveying differs from domestic (residential surveys) in many regards, and do not concentrate on more than just a monetary valuation. These surveys can be highly specific to the clients needs.


Building Survey

A commercial building survey will provide a detailed report on the condition of a building, highlighting defects, maintenance required now and in the future. The report will detail the state of the building, its construction (steel, brick, reinforced concrete or traditional) and any potentially hazardous materials.

Whether building or leasing the nature of a commercial lease means that a tenant is often liable for repairs to the premises, and a building survey is a perfect way to identify in detail the condition of the component parts and building.

For tenants it is important to appreciate future repair liabilities and how the implications can affect lease negotiations, for those buildings it can influence the price being negotiated.

Photo Schedule of Condition

At Monk and Partners we are able to provide a photo schedule of condition, which is a useful report on the state of the commercial property at a point in time. These reports describe the condition of all parts of the property, from floor to ceiling and everything in between, supported with photograph’s.  This is important for tenants who have a liability within the lease to return the property to its original condition at the end of the term of the lease and may save thousands of pounds in the long term.

For property owners that have just refurbished or upgraded a property, a photo schedule of condition is useful to avoid litigation at the end of a lease, if a tenant has damaged or misused the property in some way by providing documentary evidence of its condition at the start of the lease.


This type of survey is usually carried out at the end of a lease by the owner to establish any repairing obligations of their tenant, in order to settle the amount of dilapidation without the need of legal action. Occasionally, our building surveyor may also act as an expert intermediary in negotiations on behalf of the landlord or tenant.

If you need advice or information about any aspect of commissioning a commercial building survey, whether landlord, tenant, purchaser or vendor talk to one of our team who will be able to provide confidential guidance on the survey that will be most suitable for you.

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