Shared Ownership Valuations

At Monk and Partners our surveying team have a wealth of experience and knowledge within the South West Property market that spans over 3 decades and a combined experience of over 100 years in the local market.

Shared ownership valuations

At Monk and Partners we have a long established track record working within the shared ownership sector.

If you have a shared ownership property, you will own a portion of it, and pay rent on the remaining portion. Some people try to buy a little more of the property whenever they can often at mortgage renewal, which increases your equity. This is called ‘staircasing.’

Every time you try to increase your portion of your property, you’ll need a valuation on the current value. This is so you are paying the most current market rate when you buy the next portion.

You will also be required to obtain a valuation if you are selling the property. With either option your housing association will stipulate that you must do this to determine how much the next share will cost or the current value. You will be required to pay for the valuation.

A shared ownership valuation is different to other valuations because a housing association requires the following:

  • The report is provided by a qualified RICS valuer
  • The report is provided on RICS headed paper
  • The report is independent to you
  • The report is supported with comparables

The housing associations may also have additional requirements that we will be required to complete.

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 Buying more shares in your Shared Ownership home (staircasing)

After you have lived in your home for a certain period of time as the shared owner (depending on the terms of your lease), you can buy further shares in your property. This process is known as staircasing, enabling you to own a greater proportion of your home. If you bought a resale property you can buy further shares too (depending on the terms of your lease).

The greater the share you buy in your home the less rent you will pay to your Housing Association. If you staircase to 100% you become an outright owner, and you will no longer need to pay rent.

You may acquire additional shares in your property at a price equal to the relevant proportion of the current full open market value of the property. For example: if your property is valued at £200,000 and you want to buy an additional 25% share, the purchase price will be £200,000 x 25% = £50,000.

We would also refer you to your lease in order to confirm the needs and requirements.

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