Surveying Safely and COVID-19

In the light of the rapidly worsening and changing circumstances of Covid-19, I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know what Monk & Partners are  doing in response.

Our priority remains the health and well-being of our people, our clients, our supplier partners and communities. We have robust contingency plans and procedures in place to provide continued services to our clients.

As a precaution this week we are carrying out planned test closures of our office. And will be carrying out a work from home protocol for all staff. The ‘work from anywhere’ policy and infrastructure we have in place, means that we are confident that remote working at scale is achievable for extended periods of time.

Clearly in the short term we’re going to be talking more and meeting up less. I’ve asked our teams to get on the phone and support you in any way they can.

I hope that you, your families and colleagues stay safe and we will be in regular contact with you

We will be carrying out as many inspections and surveys as we can for as long as possible.

During our Inspections

  • Whether visiting your home or place of work, we will be calling ahead to confirm that it is still permissible to visit, and that your home or place of work is safe for us and you.
  • Our surveyors are all aware of the need for cleanliness and will take all measures needed to ensure the safety of all. These measures will include
    • the use of cleansing wipes,
    • surgical gloves,
    • regulate hand washing / hand gel and,
    • distancing in accordance with the government’s recommendations.
  • Please do not feel that we are being rude if we do not greet you in the normal manner with a handshake or accept offers for drinks during the appointment (they are usually very much appreciated), we are however in exceptional times.
  • Should you or a family member be unwell please act responsibly as the appointment can be rescheduled.
  • Should you have any concerns please contact our office prior to us attending and enable us to prevent unnecessary journeys.

Contacting the team

  • We will be aiming to minimize disruption for our clients but please appreciate that we are not in normal circumstances.
  • Our surveyors and staff are able to work from home and will be contactable by calling 01752255222 or emailing
  • Our surveyors will contact you at the earliest opportunity, however if you have a range of questions regarding a case then please email in the first instance so that file papers can be retrieved for your file in order to cross reference.