When do I need a Chartered Surveyor?

Our surveying team have a wealth of experience and knowledge within the South West Property market that spans over 3 decades and a combined experience of over 100 years in the local market.

Before attempting to buy a property, you might never have heard of a property surveyor or a chartered building surveyor.

You will probably have been told you need one, but you’re not sure why, or what they do and what you need to know when choosing one. Above all you need to make sure that they are a registered firm with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors RICS.

What is a Chartered Surveyor?

A Chartered Surveyor is a property specialist who has trained professionally to value a property, and assess it for any defects, future issues or problems that might otherwise impact on the value. As surveyors we then produce a report for you on so you can make informed decisions. These might be items such as if it is a good investment, or if there are any issues that might create problems in the future, like damp, structural issues, Japansese Knotweed, wood worm and much more…

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What we do?

Our surveyor will visit the property and walk around, assessing multiple different areas, carrying out tests and identifying whether there are any problems. We will then put it all into a report for you to review and discuss any aspects of the report that you which to discuss, together then with the legal information you will then be in a position to decide if you want to go ahead with the purchase.

At times the survey may raise concerns which may then advise you to carry out further investigations into the likely cost of repair or replacement that you may not have allowed for. At times the extra costings mean that you need to renegotiate.

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When do I need a Chartered Surveyor?

The earlier that you contact Monk & Partners after finding a property you wish to buy the sooner you will have to make informed decisions while the legal process takes its cause.

If you arrange a survey early on during the process it is a strong level of commitment, when you have made an offer that’s been accepted that you are looking to complete the transaction. If one of our surveyors identify urns up something that stops you buying the property, it can often have saved you money.

We are often asked to visit a property near the end of a transaction which will invariably upset the seller who will see it as a last minute decision and who also find it unsettling.

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